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I have a passion for bringing stories to life and there is no other place that I would want to be, than on a set working as a Cinematographer. There's something magical about having the camera and potentially crafting what the audience will see. Yes, I do love it when there are "cool" shots in films, but what most people don't understand is WHY that scene was framed that way, what emotion the director and Cinematographer wanted to evoke in the audience. That's exactly what I set out to do with my career as a Cinematographer/Director of Photography. If you're looking for a promotional video for your business or a commercial to generate more sales, contact me at my "Business Inquires" page.

I've also freelanced as an Assistant Cameraman (AC) on a few commercials, Music Videos, Short Films and even major network funded shows, like Comedy Central's Delco Proper. 

Currently, I am shooting a Feature length film in Philadelphia, titled: "Without You". 


Camera Experience: 

Arri (Alexa Mini) 

RED (Epic Dragon/Weapon)

Sony (A7s/A7sII/FS5/FS7/A6300)   

Canon (T2i/5DMKIII/C100/C100MK.II/C300) 

Panasonic (GH3/GH4) 

Blackmagic Design (2.5k Cinema Camera/Production 4K Camera/Pocket Camera/Video Assist)

Nikon (D3100/D5100)